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Chef Gailyn 

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    Are you ready to become the most happiest and successful person you know? Are you ready to take a ride of a lifetime? Are you ready to overcome your limited beliefs and find that place of abundance and purpose in your life? If so, this course is for YOU! If I can do it, you can do it too!
    I've owned three restaurants across the county and have started several companies. Unfortunately, I never learned how powerful my mind was & I allowed the lies of society, religion, the things I told myself & what I went through in childhood to keep me stuck, in a place of shame & feeling unworthy. I never was able to get to the next level in achieving the fullness of my dreams. 
   What is limiting you from breaking into Greatness and Abundance? What fears are holding you back from moving forward in your business? What excuses do you keep telling yourself?
   When I became dead honest with myself, choosing to face every fear no matter how deep the wound, that is when my life Flourished. I forgave myself for the mistakes I had made. I forgave others for the negatives things they had done to me.I found my empowerment by not blaming anyone for where I was at. I found a place of finding my power in being purely vulnerable, completely honest, real & transparent. Once I found that place of FREEDOM & SELF-WORTH my entire life opened up. Business opportunities were now flowing easily to me. My relationships became fun, easy and real. My divine purpose is now crystal clear. I am on a Mission of Empowering those who feel they are ready to break out of the chains and start living the life they have always dreamed of. You were made for Greatness and my team and I are here to help guide you toward your path of Happiness and Abundance!
    None can ever take away your mind. It's God's gift to you and once you know your own power, you can overcome ANY obstacle. Let us help guide you through this transformatioal course.
Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind for a
 Great Purpose!

-Owner/ Excutive Chef "Kefir Complete Cafe"
- Founder:  Divinely Inspired Action Academy
- Transformational/ Motivational Speaker 
- Certified Holistic Nutritionist
-Dietary Health Coach
- Published Author

Honored to be 
a Mother!
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Entrepreneur of the Year!
Honored to Inspire others through 
     Speaking & Teaching!
Honored to be a 
Successful Entrepreneur!
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